Saturday, April 26, 2008

Summer Dresses

This dress from the front looks really cute, like a proper good dress, turn around and look at the back... sexy.. haha.

I think this white tube dress is extremlly cute too, with the deep white pockets. Can't believe it's so hooot today. I think we need a dress like this.

RSA White Embroidered Deep Pocket Tube Dress

For some reason, just thought of a past funny memory. I was riding in the car and this lady was on the motorcyle wearing a long skirt behind me. I guess she went too fast or something. Her whole skirt flew up. Felt really bad for the old lady, but it was really funny at the time.. hum... haha.


Caroline said...

Haha funny story.
I love the first dress!! I want it..I linked/tagged you, by the way.

WendyB said...

Love the white dress.

diamondcanopy said...

That first dress is lovely and the back is a surprising touch! Great blog, and I love the online boutique too! I've added you to my blogroll :)

Btw, I do speak cantonese but not as fluent as I'd like to be. It always improves with each visit back to HK! What sort of art student were you?

Bailey said...

Funny story..! The white embroidered deep pocket tube dress is my most favorite. I really like to get that dress.

Lisa said...

Interesting..! I love the first dress most.

Anonymous said...

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