Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green is beautiful

BCIBG Lightweight Green Plaid Open Neck Cotton Top
I think ever since I saw "Atonement", green had always reminds me of that movie. I remember after watching it, I just feel sad for 2 whole days like someone's twisting your heart. Still, green has always been my favorite color, it's just beautiful to look at.

This BCIBG MODELY.TZ green plaid top is just soft and comfortable and so is all the clothing from their line. I like them a whole ton!


Holly_G said...

honestly, i hate most shades of green. like "grass green". but this color is amazing! super lovely! and you know what? i'll do some shopping from your site this summer. i'll be in nyc in july and august so it will be easier to purchase XD

Winn said...

I do love green and don't have enough of it in my wardrobe! I think I only have a green cardigan and t-shirt hidden away somewhere! I really want a green dress!