Monday, April 28, 2008

Please Step on Me!

Arachne 80's Black Tights with Golden Brown Roses
I have a feeling if Guns n' Roses had turn into a pair of tights, maybe this is it. I use to love them when I was in elemetry school screaming " take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" haha, how time just went by so quickly...

Camper Chocolate Brown Leather Mid Boots (Bom Iroco)

If in life, you ever get stepped on by a pair of shoes, let it be this one. (knock on wood) Imagine the fun shapes that will leave on your face! haha, just kidding! This is my finding for today, I like the unique folding design on the front of the boots, give an ordinary brown leather boos a twist. The shapes on the bottom of the shoes are so cute, I wish I can cut them up and eat it. hum.. don't know what's wrong with me today... time to take my medication. yahoo!

Got tagged by Lor.. haha, so here it goes

5 things found in my bag:
1. passport (someone stole my license.....)
2. wallet
3. Starbucks coupons
4. pen
5. car keys

5 things found in my purse-
1. money
2. 3 dollar bills
3. pennies
4. quarters
5. credit cards

5 favorite things in my room-
1. Blythe dolls
2. Louis Vuitton Toy Figure
3. money
4. my victorain cabinet
5. stacks of fashion magazines

5 things I always wanted to do-
1. Eat chocolate cake till I pass out
2. run for 2 hours without stopping
3. travel around the world
4. buy a house for my mom and let her live happy for the rest of her life
5. save the people in africa and stop the war

5 things I am currently into-
1. short hair
2. talking to new people
3. finding new fashion
4. making my business grow
5. kitties

hum..... i guess i'm suppose to tag someone?.... hum.. I'll do it later.. hahaha...


diamondcanopy said...

lI'm actually digging those 80's leggings! Good luck with your site, it looks so awesome already!

Also, My housemate is trying to learn mandarin and even though cantonese is similar, it's completely different to my ears!


lor said...

hey there,
i tagged you to do these about me questions...
its on my blog if your interested. :]

On Track said...

I think you described those leggings perfectly, they are great, very rock'n'roll :)

Jessica said...

I love your fashion store first of all. I'd bought many clothes n recommend ur store to my friends while i was in the U.S. Your store has a unique style/charm and it fits with my style ^^

Now i'm in Vietnam. And i seriously want to cooperate with you somehow for AngieHearts' growth. The thing is i'm in Vietnam now it's close to Thailand, China, Hongkong i also can travel to Korea n Japan, find new fashion clothes for AngieHearts.

To tell you the truth, I've never in to any kind of fashion business. I'm just a crazy fan of fashion. I graduated in America with business administration degree n currently working as Brand Marketing for LacViet Corp. in Vietnam. I was born in 1989 by the way. So thats another potential of mine i hope ^^ I'm young, energetic, so i would give my all for what i love. And this proposal is some thing i've desired to do.

So please consider me, if you need a hand.. someone who can travel around Asia finding fashion clothes providing to ONLY AngieHearts, PLEASE contact me!!

My facebook here:
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Phone in Vietnam: (84)0906 948 246