Friday, May 9, 2008

A little neon with American Size! yay

This is a little mini neon collection from BCIBG MODELY.TZ. One of my favorite brand just because they always come up with the cutest thing. Most importantly is that the fabrics they use are so soft and comfortable. That's why I love them.

This is just a shirt I thought was so funny! It say "Don't follow me" and on the back " I'm Lost too"... hahahha.... isn't that just how most people feel sometimes.

This dress is so mod looking and super soft on your skin, I give it an approval seal.

I'm just crazy about earrings, love to collect them and wear them. My only problem is I seem to manage to lose one in each pair, so sometimes I just wear something that look similar but actually different on each ear.. heh... sometimes I do that with socks, too.... -_-;


Sugar Pop said...

i am so sorry i haven't checked out your blog recently!! i love the shirts though!! they look so casual and comfy without looking...tacky and stuff :)

Winn said...

That tank dress is perfect and something I would definitely wear, it's so cute!

Hunters Glory said...

very cool!

Fashion Ivy said...

Love the clothes. I'd wear them cause they look so comfortable.

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

loving the tank dress so much!!

It looks like Ted Bakers from a distance..

bear said...

love those tees!