Friday, June 6, 2008

JPopular with glazed donuts

Has anyone been to JPopular before? It's a Jpop music review site with information and music video clips from some of the most popular Japanese pop artists. It's a information site that's still in the works but it's pretty cool so far. You can get some interesting insight into the funky Japanese pop culture... I'll share this chocolate commercial with everyone... pretty outrageous to be air on T.V. I'll say.. Choco Party! Good! Good!

They are also nice enough to feature us in the shopping link section which I'm really just grateful for. It's just about the nicest gesture! Thanks Chris!

Now this is something I wish I could eat.. how about glazed donuts for earrings? Sounds pretty good to me. I'm pretty sure the person's who's wearin
g it will have a smile on their face everytime they look in the mirror like this @^-^@


Sharon Rose said...

ha ha-these are so cute-you'd have people nibbling your earlobes!!

fashion* CHALET said...

thank you for that comment :)
ps: Christan Bale IS hot (young and now!) ;)

Fashion Ivy said...

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in one word : miam miam !

i wish you a great night from Paris

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aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i dont like Jpop much as you do

but the donut is yummy!!